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Type of Care

Residential Care

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We provide residential support and care for those of our residents who do not require nursing care or nursing care associated with dementia. It might be that assistance with washing and dressing is all that is required but, of course, everyone who comes to make their homes with us has differing care requirements and our ‘person-centred’ approach to care ensures that all needs are met, no matter what they might be.

All residents who come to live with us are encouraged to become involved in the daily life of the home, if this is what they wish. All homes have a weekly activity programme which is planned by the activity team, this is put together very much with the suggestion and input from the residents themselves! Our residents have the activities, hobby groups and entertainment they want. This is very often a mixture of the simple traditional pastimes such as crossword groups, classical music hour or visits from school groups to the more unusual such as visits from owls and armchair Zumba! However, experience tell us that those who receive residential care are more able, very often, to become involved in more active activities, such as gardening and outings and much is done to ensure that present interests can be continued.

Many Harbour Healthcare homes are able to offer residential care holiday stays (respite) for those who would usually live, with residential care packages or family support. Please contact your local home for availability.

Nursing Care

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Like all our team members, our skilled and fully qualified nurses are committed to providing an excellent standard of care for those people who require a qualified nurse available to them 24hrs a day. Our nurses are experienced in providing nursing care for a broad spectrum of nursing scenarios, as are our experienced Home Managers who lead the nursing team within the home.

Our nurses deliver clinical care as recorded on residents individually written care plans. Such ‘person-centred’ plans detail all nursing and care needs to ensure the best of care and comfort. Such individually tailored plans are constantly updated by the nursing team and all of the appropriate clinical professionals, to ensure that issues can be managed effectively. This gives real reassurance to those residents being nursed and their families.

The care team within the home will work under the direction of the nurses, to provide the many aspect of care and support required, they are always on hand, right around the clock. to provide quality nursing and personal care. Their support is offered in a respectful but friendly way to ensure that our residents feel at ease and are confident in the knowledge that residents dignity and privacy are respected.

Dementia Care

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Our concern for our residents with dementia is that they should always feel safe and comfortable. People who feel the effects of dementia in their lives require care, support and assistance in very many ways with the added issue that each individuals experience of dementia is so very different. Exactly for this reason, dementia care within Harbour Healthcare homes is centred around ‘person centred’ care plans. These individually tailored care plans are essential for excellent care.

Our care teams are all appropriately trained to care for our residents with dementia and understand how stimulating environments, activities and interactions are essential to quality dementia care. Such training enables our teams to support our residents independence and dignity while respecting their right to personal choice in all matters.

Mental Health Care

We provide support for those with mental health needs who may require care and support with medication and daily living. Such residents may have had a life-long concern about living independently or may be less able to live independently now they are feeling the impact of dementia on their lives. Such care and support is put in place to encourage independence and promote opportunities to engage in social activities. Living in very comfortable surroundings and offering choice at mealtimes and activities does much to promote a healthy lifestyle and promote improved mental health.

The care teams and nurses who oversee all clinical issues, are dedicated to ensuring that our residents lives are as good as they can be.

End of Life Care

Our highly skilled nurse teams and Home Managers work with local healthcare experts to provide 24-hour specialist end of life care. This care is available to any of our exiting residents and also to residents who might come to our homes rather than be in hospital. Our homes, being homely and comfortable, ensure that as well as the crucial support needed by individuals, their family and friends are able to be supported in these difficult times. The highest quality of care and attention is given to those nearing the end of life with compassion shown to everyone – the individual, their family and loved ones.

Available in every Harbour Healthcare Home.

Young Persons Disability

Like all our team members, our skilled and fully qualified nurses are committed to maintaining the health, wellbeing and dignity of each resident. All residential nursing care is based on tailored, individual programmes that are centred on the individual and the level of care they need. Importantly, each resident is allocated their own dedicated carers. This means that familiar, friendly faces are always on hand, right around the clock to provide quality nursing care.

We take away the fears about personal security and care that can often affect quality of life – from mobility and eating well to personal hygiene and grooming. Free of these worries, our residents thrive in a unique setting that offers all the comforts of home.