Dementia Care

Our dementia care approach has a wealth of therapeutic design features that have been carefully designed by our dementia care specialists to bring comfort and familiarity to those living with memory loss or dementia.  The care is tailored with a specialised focus on understanding people who are living with the effects of Alzheimer’s or other forms of memory loss.

You’ll also find compassionate, caring staff who are trained to gently accompany seniors as they experience the good  days and challenging days that go hand-in-hand with memory loss. We enlist a whole host of techniques to inspire moments of happiness, including personalised memory boxes, sounds and gentle reminders of yesteryear.

Within these communities, our highly qualified staff ensure each individual is given the personalised care and attention they need. While those needs vary, our fundamental services always remain consistent:

  • We create a home-like feel where people are helped to recall happier times with familiar decorations in their rooms and memory boxes filled with their personal items to rummage in.
  • We adapt environments to meet our people’s needs. This includes special crockery, tableware and kitchens, alongside enclosed sensory gardens with low risk walkways.
  • We provide care that supports people’s freedom of choice and develops their life-skills and self-esteem, helping maintain and develop their independence.
  • We ensure individuals feel comfortable and safe in their surrounding environment, helping ensure they live life with dementia rather than just ‘exist’ with it.

The activity programmes provided by our care teams are tailored to meet our people’s needs and capabilities – and to be thoroughly enjoyed! These range from gardening to baking, outings to gentle exercise and pet care to life skills. Other specialist activities such as reminiscence therapy, music therapy and complimentary therapies are also provided.