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    Residents Enrichment

    Resident Enrichment Leaders at Harbour Healthcare

    Both experience and expertise enables the Enrichment Leader to support the home activity team create and deliver a programme of activities based upon resident choices.

    Within some Harbour Healthcare homes you may have chance to meet an Enrichment Leader. As part of Harbour Healthcare’s continued drive to improve the life of residents and the work life of all staff teams, the Enrichment Leader role has been created to assist Home Managers provide enjoyable, relaxed and interesting places both to live and work. An Enrichment Leader assumes responsibility for happiness and general well-being of every one within the home.

    Uncovering and capturing individual resident hobbies and interests, as well as resident life histories, is an essential element of success to providing personalised daily activities which residents will enjoy.  Individual activities for residents are also of great importance – letter writing, skyping family members, attending churches and continuing long standing attendance at community groups and clubs can all be supported and achieved with the help of an Enrichment Leader. Most things are possible!

    Going beyond activities, an Enrichment Leader is dedicated to promoting excellent customer service, making sure that all the ‘little things’ which are so important to residents, making a difference every day, are known and not forgotten!

    We are so pleased to announce the newly introduced ‘Make a Wish’ initiative, will be coordinated by the Enrichment Leader, who will capture our residents hopes and dreams and do ‘whatever it may take’  to help make residents wishes come true! The aim is to grant as many of our resident wishes as possible.  An example of the ‘Make a Wish’ initiative is a request to see ballroom dancing in the Tower ballroom in Blackpool again, this wish is certain to be granted!

    An Enrichment Leader is also busy ‘behind the scenes’ ensuring that all staff teams are engaged, thriving and above all happy! Supporting home teams with training and mini modules in all areas related to excellent care practices and quality customer service, ensures that residents are given the best of everything from a team of happy, confident staff members.

    From our residents dining experience to producing newsletters and noticeboards to improve communication, the Enrichment Leader role is committed to continuous improvement of services, excellent customer care for residents and, very importantly ensuring that all of our teams feel fulfilled in their work, whatever their role may be.