Glad to Care Week 2024

Posted: Jun 28th 2024

By: Harbour Healthcare

Glad to Care is an awareness week that stands as a tribute to highlight and appreciate the dedication of care workers. This week we expressed our gratitude for the exceptional effort’s our carers invest in the lives of care recipients.

The week follows an activity guide which aims to engage all residents, carers and careseekers. We started with ‘Motivation Monday’, where we shared that one of our residents is taking part in an online university course – you’re never to old to learn!

We then had ‘Tasty Tuesday’, where we enjoyed baking, eating and learning about nutrition. This was followed by ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’,  where we focused on all round wellbeing and promoting how we can achieve that.

Next, we had ‘Thankful Thursday’ – our day to appreciate the work our carers do. Our residents wrote messages to carers about why they are glad to have care and our carers shared why they are glad to care – a special moment to reflect.

And ‘Feel good Friday’ was just good vibes all round!